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HVAC Repairs and Maintenance

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Our highly-trained team of HVAC technicians is ready to repair or replace your HVAC system. From regular maintenance and repairs to a brand-new installation, we can get your heating and cooling system ready to go for whatever season we are headed into. Whatever your repairs and maintenance needs are, we can make sure they are met.

We know that keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is important. When your heater or air conditioning goes out, the inconvenience can be very stressful and overwhelming. Call us out for a repair so that we can make you comfortable once again.


If your heater has stopped producing warm air or your air conditioning has stopped producing cool air, there’s a problem. We can evaluate the HVAC system to determine what the problem is and make sure it is back up and running in no time. We maintain good relationships with our parts suppliers so we can service your HVAC unit quickly. Don’t delay your repairs and maintenance, the problems won’t go away on their own.


A clogged air filter may not sound like a big problem, but even an issue as small as this can cause big problems in your HVAC system. We can change your air filter and clean out the surrounding area for maximum airflow.


Broken thermostats are common heating and cooling issues. If your heating or cooling system isn’t producing the temperature of air you need it to, there’s a chance it’s a thermostat-related issue. We can find the issue and fix it fast so that you are comfortable in your home in no time.

Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant leaks are fairly common and severely affect the temperature of your home. If you are noticing fluctuating temperatures in your home, call us as soon as possible. The longer you wait to repair an issue like this, the worse and more expensive the repair costs.

Other Common Repairs

Your HVAC system has a big job, to keep your home comfortable for you, your family, and your pets. When it malfunctions it is a huge inconvenience, and during the hottest and coldest parts of the year, can be dangerous. 

Whatever other problems your heater or air conditioner is having, we can identify the problem and get it fixed. From evaporator coil and condenser coil problems to compressor problems, we can take care of them so that the temperature in your home can return to your preferences.


Regular repairs and maintenance are important for major HVAC units and other household appliances. You can extend the lifespan of your heater or air conditioner by scheduling proper maintenance. Just like your car needs an oil change every so often to keep it running, HVAC units also need to be checked up on to maintain their function. It is important to make sure your unit has plenty of coolant and other fluids that are essential for operating. 

When we perform maintenance on your HVAC, we check for many different things. We make sure the air filter is clean, and if not we can replace it for you. Additionally, we check your refrigerant levels to make sure there’s enough to regulate the temperature of your home and to make sure there’s not a leak. We make sure there’s no debris around or inside your unit that would negatively affect the unit’s function.

Regular maintenance can help prevent a larger issue from happening down the road. When things like the air filters are replaced as frequently as they should, the possibility of major problems that stem from clogged air filters is eliminated. Save yourself from an expensive repair down the road with regular maintenance.

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We help all homeowners in Palestine keep their HVAC systems in good shape. Extend the life of your heater and air conditioner with regular maintenance from Quality Cool Air. Call us anytime for all your repairs and maintenance needs at (903)723-2600 or contact us.